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Hundred Acre Recordings announces the release of Kosloff Mansion, the new album by Hallock Hill, on 7th April 2014Kosloff Mansion is a collaboration with The Lowland Hundred’s Tim Noble, who brings additional production and arrangement to the album.

Kosloff Mansion will be released in 12″ vinyl, limited to 200 copies, and digital download/streaming formats on all the major sites and stores. The first 40 vinyl copies form a special edition, hand-numbered and signed by the artists, each one accompanied by a one-of-a-kind poem on vintage paper.

Further information, audio and video previews are available at Hundred Acre, and pre-orders can by made by clicking this.

Matt Poacher (Liminal, Mojo, Mountain 7) describes the album:

Kosloff Mansion is Tom Lecky’s fourth Hallock Hill album, and his second release for Hundred Acre Recordings. Kosloff Mansion could be said to be his first collaboration – in this case with The Lowland Hundred’s Tim Noble. Lecky composed the music over a number weeks and, when approached to comment, Noble, instead of offering a response, simply asked if he could work his opinions into the pieces. The result is a multi-layered work, with Lecky’s light, fluid and gently ecstatic piano floating within the wider scope of Noble’s subtle sonic chambers/vaults. Each track glitters like a light-caught pool – the surface reflects and ripples but the internal ear is drawn to the greater stirrings in the depths. And yet, liquid metaphors aside, like much of Lecky’s previous work, the music never falls far from home and all that entails: comforts and losses, our own hauntings and the infinite shadings of memory.