End of year. A thanks to say goodbye to 2014.

December 14, 2014 § Leave a comment

Time to wrap up the (busy) musical 2014.

In January, Asheq Akhtar’s Fervent Arts released his beautiful, haunting, “Exiled,” with a soundtrack by me and Tim Noble:

In April, Tim and I again shared our collaborative efforts with the release of the fourth full-length Hallock Hill album, Kosloff Mansionon Hundred Acre Recordings. Peter Ward made three videos for the release, including my favorite for “Farewell, pale corpse of many sins”:

Within a month, Tim came to New York and we performed on Dan Bodah’s Airborne Event on WFMU. Downloadable archive here. In June, Tim and his musical partner Paul Newland released their third album as The Lowland Hundred on Exotic Pylon. I deny bias when declaring it the best album of the year.


In August, my friend Adam Frost co-hosted the first Northern Routes New Music Festival at the 1794 Meeting House in New Salem, Massachusetts. It is a gorgeous place to play and listen, and it was filled with three days of diverse, inspiring music.

I finally made it to Cafe Oto in London in September. My first time there was as a performer, so a bit of a pressured introduction. I opened for and played one song with The Lowland Hundred, meaning that in one year I performed with Tim Noble on two continents, released an album with him, and planned two more… We live 3200 miles apart, mind you.

Thanks again to Ash Akhtar for working his camera, and capturing some of the Oto show:

The full show is on Soundcloud:

Dan Bodah invited me back again for a show in November, this time at WFMU’s new performance space in Jersey City: Monty Hall. It’s a special place, with excellent sound and staff, sitting beneath one of the most hallowed record collections in the world. A special thanks to Dan for his continued support and for welcoming me not once, but twice, in 2014.

After two years of fumbling on electric guitar, I came home from Monty Hall and put everything in my electric rig in the closet. It feels right to let the acoustic carry me through the winter. Inspired by Peter Ward’s videos, I began to work on my own, starting a series of occasional videos that capture my recording methods. Improvisational moments, made quickly and shared. A reflection of how things were when I made The Union.

2015 will see more of these videos, I suspect, as well as the release of the fifth Hallock Hill album, Folsom Cave, by MIE Music.


Part of the winter will be spent organizing a recording trip into the mountains of my youth. A very exciting project, with details to come.

A sincere thanks to everyone who listened to Hallock Hill this year, bought a record, played a track on the radio, wrote a humbling review, or came to one of the shows and supported the great venues who graciously invited me. And thanks to all who’ve written or spoken to me: the music doesn’t end when the last notes trails off into the background. In fact, it only begins then. Here is to a happy and peaceful New Year.









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