Hallock Hill | Tom Lecky

Hallock Hill is New York based musician Tom Lecky, who is most often found working with books and manuscripts at Rivverrun.

Hallock Hill has released The Union (2011, Hundred Acre Recordings), There He Unforeseen (2011, private press) and A Hem of Evening (2012, MIE Music, with the vinyl reissue of The Union). Hallock Hill’s fourth album, Kosloff Mansion was a collaboration with The Lowland Hundred’s Tim Noble, released on April 7, 2014 (Hundred Acre Recordings). The album Folsom Cave exists in several corners of the internet but remains as yet unreleased. Tom considers it his defining musical work.

Tom’s most recent work exists under the SOME SKY guise, which he shares with Tim Noble. They made an album together and kept it for themselves. There seems to be a pattern developing.

Tom is the former head of Christie’s New York Books & Manuscripts department, has been seen on Antiques Roadshow, and keeps thinking about making another album.

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