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September 6, 2015 § 1 Comment

I once had a collection of some hundreds of postcards of the Adirondacks, only to find one day that the accumulation had become a marker of an unfocused acquisitiveness and not of any coherence. My original fascination had become an undisciplined mess. 

It was easy to give, sell, or donate the majority of them. But I kept these for various personal reasons based on associations from childhood, or of where my wife and I were at certain important parts of our lives. And of course I kept those of the libraries. Always the libraries. 

These humble cards reflect a powerful democratic purpose, combining a photograph of place with a space to write and reflect and communicate. (This is why Instagram is such a fascinating contemporary progression of this practice.) They are records of who was there then, and mark where we are now. 



In Process: recent video exercises.

December 9, 2014 § Leave a comment

This series of occasional videos encourages me to keep making when I may not otherwise. The sharing with you is coincident with revealing to myself certain attributes about how I do things. They capture process: the sitting down, the finding sounds for several minutes, the overlapping. As the one who recorded these, I’m interested in their range of motion, and the gestures, explicit or implicit, found in the images. In the occasional visual surprise. A hand appearing unexpectedly. A tick of the watch. Time held but not, ultimately, captured.

Two hands:

Four hands:

Six hands:


* NB (as of 12/9/14 the first two videos have updated URLs from their original uploads)

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